About WalkaboutNYC

For press, media, or general questions. Made by the fine people at Harvest.

WalkaboutNYC is a behind-the-scenes look at the people and places fueling our creative, technological, and entrepreneurial culture in New York City. Our events invite the world into the workspaces of NYC’s innovative companies to see how they work.

We run two events throughout the year:

Danny Wen and Shawn Liu, founders of Harvest, have always enjoyed taking tours of workspaces. Whether it's a loft or shared co-working space, they've always been inspired to see where companies are born, people spend their time, and products are launched. WalkaboutNYC enables them to share that experience with the public.

Who is invited?

You are! WalkaboutNYC is an open event for anyone curious to see and enjoy the unique environments behind these creative companies.

Where do I start?

Anywhere! There is no set route. Check the schedule, read about the cool companies, RSVP and set your own route. Show up on Friday, May 17 and visit the companies of your choosing.

Where is my itinerary?

Don't worry, your RSVPs are still there. Your itinerary is linked to either your Facebook or Twitter account. If you can’t find it, try logging in with your other account.

How can my company participate?

If you're a technology company doing innovative work in an awesome space that you want to show off, get in touch.

Can I host WalkaboutNYC in my city?

Yes! While we do not have a formal program, we have open-sourced the idea of WalkaboutNYC on GitHub. A great example is Walkabout Singapore, which took place in May 2012.